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25.11.2017 - 4:26 Uhr
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New Balance [url=http://www.nbmeilleurs.fr/]new balance 574 femme pas cher[/url] has decided to ride the wave of summer colorways with their 574 ¡®Surf Pack.¡¯ Each shoe gives off a Hawaiian vibe with bright/warm colors and an array of materials.Suede, hemp, nylon, and leather are featured throughout the sneakers as well as a floral printed liner and woodgrain printed lace tips. New Balance gives you the opportunity to carry the feel of the beach with you wherever you go with this ¡®Surf Pack.¡¯

Detroit¡¯s Burn Rubber pays homage [url=http://www.nbmeilleurs.fr/]new balance 574 homme soldes[/url] to Detroit Tigers third baseman Miguel Cabrera¡¯s 2012 Triple Crown Victory with a commemorative edition New Balance 574 model nicknamed, ¡°The Miggy¡±.¡°The Miggy¡± features a suede and mesh build in a navy blue and orange colorway which alludes to the Tigers¡¯ uniform. Most noticeably, this 574 style dons a ¡°Triple Crown¡± tongue tag which also lists Cabrera¡¯s finals stats on the opposite side.

Alongside the release of the [url=http://www.nbmeilleurs.fr/]new balance bordeaux pas cher[/url] New Balance 990 ¡°Boston Marathon¡± which makes reference to Paul Revere, the arrival of the New Balance 890 ¡°Paul Revere¡± also celebrates the patriot and his famous midnight run on April 18, 1775.Utilizing a purple upper, this New Balance 890 comes equipped with black, illuminating lantern yellow, and red accents throughout, plus reveals a themed graphic insole that displays the route of Paul Revere¡¯s midnight ride.

This ¡°Made in USA¡± silhouette [url=http://www.nbmeilleurs.fr/]new balance 247 femme soldes[/url] comes made with suede, leather, and mesh materials, but also displays a purple base with orange and grey accents throughout for a rich finish. Ironically, these runners also feature marathon tagging along the lace loop and branding of Paul Revere riding a horse at each back heel. And for those who didn¡¯t pay attention in history class, he was the guy who tried to warn the Americans that the British were coming.

New Balance drew inspiration [url=http://www.nbmeilleurs.fr/]new balance 247 homme soldes[/url] from the military for the soon to be released ¡°Military Camo¡± Pack consisting of the iconic 574 silhouette. The two pairs that make up the pack both use earth-tone colors. A very subtle touch is added to the ML574 with the addition of the camouflage inner lining.

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